Database updated on 26-Jan-2017 with 423 changes

REDfly version 5.2.2 released!
REDfly now has the latest FlyBase anatomy ontology.
Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila v5.2.2

  • REDfly v5.2.2 released
  • The FlyBase anatomy ontology has been updated to the latest release.
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v5.2.1 released
  • Over 250 new CRMs has been added to the database.
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v5.2 released
  • Inferred CRMs are now enabled. Click browse all on the search page to view them.
  • Batch downloads has been fixed -- BED, CSV, FASTA, GFF3 and GBrowse files can be downloaded for RCs, CRMs and TFBSes.
  • And much more. Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v5.1.1 released
  • A minor update to add a note in the search form informing the user that only 1,000 results are displayed.
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v5.1 released
  • All genome and other supporting data updated to FlyBase version FB2016_03
  • Add 10000+ cell-line only data
  • Add "exclude cell-line only" option when searching
  • Breakdown CRM numbers by category on homepage
  • Link to Fly Enhancers
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v5.0 released
  • All genome and other supporting data updated to FlyBase version FB2016_02
  • New “locus-based” searching implemented, default +/- 10 kb from selected gene
  • Move from continuous-release to versioned-release cycle
  • New RC/CRMs added, new images added
  • Curator tools for batch upload revised
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v4.1 released
  • Added option to download records in BED formats
  • PubMed citation is fetched using a different version of the E-utitlies API
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v4.0 released
  • Records updated to include R6 coordinates
  • Minor big fixes to to the user interface
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • REDfly v3.3 released
  • Over 7830 new constructs added (includes the Vienna tile lines)
  • Records updated to include R6 coordinates
  • Please see the Release Notes for more details
  • Updated RC/CRM minimization status.
  • Synteny data updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

REDfly v3.2 is released.
  • All coordinates updated to have one-based start and end.
  • Yeast 1-hybrid added as a TFBS data source option.
  • Assorted administrative/curation interface fixes.

REDfly v3.1 is released.
  • Over 2000 records added.
  • GBrowse display updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

REDfly updates.
  • Over the next month or two we will be updating REDfly to include over 1600 new reporter construct/CRM records. So that the new data are available to our users as quickly as possible, we are releasing them on a daily basis as "reporter construct" records. However, calculation of reporter construct attributes such as whether or not they are considered "CRMs", whether regions have been "minimized," and syntenty information has not yet been conducted. Please take this into account when using the database and as always, note your dates of access.

REDfly v3.0 is released.
  • Completely redesigned user interface.
  • Enhanced search capabilities.
  • Inclusion of
    • Gene location information
    • Synteny information for CRMs
    • FlyExpress images
    • Inferred CRMs
  • For a full description of new data and features see our recent NAR paper

REDfly enhancements.
  • The REDfly interface is undergoing upgrades! Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out a number of interface enhancements to the "search" and "results" pages, including autocomplete search fields and other helpful new features. Please bear with us during our upgrade process and let us know about any bugs or problems.
  • REDfly is moving to a continuous update cycle. Newly curated CRMs and TFBSs will be added to the database on an ongoing basis. The most recently added records can be retrieved using the "view updates" button on the Search page or by using our "search by date - last updated after" feature. Please note that new or updated records do NOT cause the REDfly version to update. As always when accessing data from an online database, please make note of the date on which you access your data and include this in any reports of analysis performed using REDflyrecords.

REDfly v2.1 is released.
  • Minor data corrections.
  • Synchronized all coordinates with UCSC Blat database.
  • Minor user interface enhancements.

REDfly v2.0 is released.
  • 1344 TFBS imported from the Drosophila DNAseI footprint database and cross-referenced with CRMs in REDfly.
  • New search options CRM, TFBS, CRM with TFBS, TFBS with CRM.
  • Inclusion of Release 5 Coordinates.
  • Minor user interface enhancements.

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