Expression Pattern Annotations

Expression patterns have been annotated using terms from the Drosophila gross anatomy ontology. Both the annotation and the ontology itself are works in progress, so care should be taken when making use of these data. Because expression patterns as described in the literature are not reported using the ontology terms, and are given in varying levels of detail, providing an exact description in the database is not always straightforward. We have provided these descriptions as a way to facilitate searching and grouping the included CRMs. However, we strongly encourage users to consult the notes included with our annotations as well as the original references for more detailed descriptions of expression patterns. In particular, note that the anatomy ontology does not always provide a means to distinguish sub tissue- or organ-level cell populations. Thus, two entries annotated as "wing disc" may in fact refer to non-overlapping cell types within the disc, two entries annotated as "ventral nerve cord" may refer to separate neuronal lineages, etc. Expression patterns are reported based on the textual descriptions given by the authors; we did not attempt to refine these descriptions based on our own analysis of published photographs. See also searching expression patterns.

In general, TFBS records are not annotated with expression pattern information. However, if a TFBS is contained within an annotated RC/CRM, the TFBS will inherit expression pattern information from the related RC/CRM record. Note that in most cases, it has not been demonstrated that this particular TFBS plays a functional role in mediating any or all of the tissue-specific expression ascribed to the CRM.

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