Search Results Pane

The Search Results pane (see Figure 2C) provides a summary view of all records of CRMs/RCs, CRM Segments, Predicted CRMs, TFBSs, and Inferred CRMs returned by a search. Each class is returned in a separate tab; numbers in the tab header indicate how many records were returned for each data type. Clicking in the header row will sort results by the selected column. Note that only 500 results can be displayed at a time; use the navigation buttons in the pane header to page through multiple pages of results.

Users can choose to download one or more records directly from this pane in a variety of formats using the “download” button at the bottom (see downloads). Clicking on a row will open a detailed view window for the record. Alternatively, multiple records can be selected using the check boxes along the left-hand side of the pane and then clicking on the “view selected” button at the bottom. Multiple detailed view windows open in a stack; the “tile windows” button will tile these in the browser window. The “window tab selector” brings the selected tab (see below) to the foreground in each open detailed view window.

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