Versioning and Updated Records

Prior to v5.0, REDfly incremented its version number only with the release of major new features—version numbers did not increase with addition or update of new records. To properly reflect the content of REDfly at any given time, please use the date of access as well as the version number.

Starting with v5.0, REDfly moved from a continuous-release to a versioned-release cycle. From v5.0 forward, new records are only added/updated in conjunction with a numbered release.

REDfly tracks updates/corrections to individual records. The date of the last update to a record can be found in the “basic info” pane of the detailed view window and the number of times a record has been updated is recorded by the value of the third segment of the REDfly ID (e.g., RFRC:00000272.001 indicates the first entry of the record, RFRC:00000272.002 the second, etc.). To obtain data for pervious versions of a specific record, please contact us.

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