v9.6.3 (Database Updated 12/08/2023)

Database updated on 12/08/2023 with 114 changes
Gene Annotation Version 6.54
Anatomy Ontology Version 2023-12-07

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REDfly is a curated collection of known insect transcriptional cis-regulatory modules (CRMs), cis-regulatory module segments (CRMsegs), predicted cis-regulatory modules (pCRMs), and transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs). Our mission is to extract, accumulate, organize, annotate, and link the growing body of information on insect transcriptional cis-regulatory sequences, with an emphasis on empirically validated CRMs curated from the published literature. The majority of the data are for Drosophila melanogaster, but we also annotate an increasing number of other insects. Despite more than 20 years of experimental determination of these elements, the data have never been collected into a single searchable database. REDfly seeks to include all experimentally verified fly regulatory elements along with their DNA sequence, their associated genes, and the expression patterns they direct. Expression patterns are annotated using a defined anatomy ontology to enable high interoperability with FlyBase, FlyExpress, the BDGP in situ hybridization database, and other model organism resources.

If you know of experimentally verified cis-regulatory elements that are not included in the REDfly database, or have corrections to the archived data, please contact us.

REDfly has 38375 CRMs (17036 from in vivo reporter genes, 20998 from cell-culture assays, and 341 from other evidence) associated with 2013 genes, 34 CRMsegs associated with 17 genes, 14318 pCRMs, and 2779 TFBSs bound by 217 transcription factors acting on 325 target genes. These data are based on 1458 curated publications.

The regulatory data curated by REDfly are the result of the hard work of members of the research community. When using specific CRM, CRMseg, pCRM, and TFBS data, please make sure to cite the original discoverers.

Funded in part by the NSF and the NIGMS

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