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REDfly version 5.3.1 released!
REDfly now has the latest FlyBase anatomy ontology.
Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila v5.3.1

Additional Resources

EvoPrinterHD Version 3.0
Drosophila Melanogaster Major Position Matrix Motifs (DMMPMM)

Drosophila Regulatory Elements

ORegAnno: The Open Regulatory Annotation Database.
Dmitri Papatsenko's Homepage.
Drosophila Core Promoter Database.

Drosophila Chromatin Maps

Cavalli Lab TrxG & PcG ChIP-chip browser.
Pugh Lab nucleosome browser.
White Lab FlyNet database.
modENCODE project.

Drosophila Gene Expression Patterns

BDGP embryonic in situ database.
Krause Lab Fly-FISH embryonic in situ database.
FlyTED: Drosophila testis expression database.
FlyTrap: GFP protein trap database.
FlyExpress embryonic in situ expression pattern search engine.

Drosophila Transcription Factor Binding Site Matrices

The JASPAR database.
The TRANSFAC database.
Bergman Lab curated motif models.
Dan Pollard's matrices.
Ivan Kulakovskiy's matrices.

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