v5.5.3 (Database Updated 07/11/2019)

Database updated on 07/11/2019 with 66 changes
Gene annotation version 6.28
FlyBase ontology version 2019-03-28

Welcome to REDfly
Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila v5.5.3
Additional Resources

Tools for working with REDfly data

BEDTools software is useful for working with downloaded REDfly data in BED format

Galaxy might be a better solution for those with limited computational know-how. Look for tools to work with REDfly data in Galaxy to be added to this site in the future.

Utility script: SelectSmallestFeature.py Use this Python script with REDfly CRM sequences in sorted BED fortmat to cluster any overlapping sequences and select the set of shortest non-overlapping intervals from each cluster. Helpful for constructing SCRMshaw training sets and other uses.

Links to other data collections

FlyBase maintains a list of links and resources here including listings of Transcription Regulation Databases and Gene Expression Databases


Drosophila Chromatin Maps
Drosophila Regulatory Elements and Binding Sites
Drosophila Gene Expression Patterns
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